The America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) seeks to foster collaboration, opportunity, and support between North American and Israeli cannabis companies and individuals.


+Do you have to be in Israel or America to be part of AICA?

While our focus is on North America and Israel we are full supporters of the larger, global cannabis industry. We welcome members from all over the globe.

+ Is AICA a non-profit organization?

At the moment AICA is a for-profit organization, but we do have plans to become a nonprofit entity in the near future.

+ What do I get with my membership?

For a list of our membership benefits please click here

+ What kind of events do you have?

We hold free events for our paying members that focus on cannabis, medicine, and networking. While we would like to throw events everywhere our events will be focused in NYC, Denver, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv as this is where most of membership resides

+ How can we get in contact?

Contact us here

+ Do you have to be Jewish to be a part of AICA?

No, not at all! AICA has and welcomes members of all religions.

+ I am a startup founder-- can you help me secure funding?

We can certainly try! Connect with us

+ I am an investor-- can you help me find companies to invest in??

We’re happy you’re considering investing in the cannabis space. We’re not portfolio managers but we are up to date with a lot of startups across the world. Let’s connect

+ Can AICA be my mentor or advisor on this project I am working on?

Yes! We built a startup platform just for this.