Cannabis Cultivators in Israel


Cannabis Cultivators in Israel

Taking a look at the cultivators



Israel’s medical cannabis program has opened up applications for new cultivators.. The Ministry of Health received over 350 applications. While we’re waiting for these applications to be approved, let's take a look at some of current cannabis cultivators. 

Tikun Olam

Tikun Olam is one of the largest growers in Israel. Started in 2005 by Tzahi Cohen, Tikun Olam means repair the world. Located in Tel Aviv, the company serves over 20,000 patients. Tikun Olam produces 17 strains of flower along with  medical cannabis oil, cannabis capsules and pre-rolled joints. Over the years Tikun Olam has participated in a number of clinical research trials involving cannabis. Tikun Olam expanded their reach and created TIkun Olam USA to reach the US market. Currently, you can find Tikun Olam products in CA, DE, and FL.


Started in 2005 Seach was granted the first commercial cannabis license from the ministry of health. provides medical cannabis for 9000+ patients. They produce flower, pre-rolled joints and cannabis oil. The 12 strains they currently offer are typically high THC low CBD ratios. Seach partners with Panaxia, a company that is modernizing the medical field with revolutionary pharmaceutical solutions, and they often supply medical cannabis for clinical trials. They are currently based in Hod Hasharon. 

Breath of Life

With over 377,000 square feet of grow, Breath of Life has been in the Israeli cannabis market since 2007. BOL boasts a GAP certified grow facility and a cGMP certified plant production. They currently have 34 Phase IIa cannabis clinical trials. They make flower and oil and are fully equipped to provide white labeling services. 


Better Israel is part of Better Holdings, which has facilities in the Czech Republic, Germany and Australia. Better differentiates themselves by being the only cultivators in the world with an entirely chemical free feeding and treatment regimen. Based in Tel Aviv, they produce 16 strains of flower, cannabis oil and pre-rolled joints. 

Teva Adir

Founded in 2010 Teva Adir by Cannamedic operates in Bat Yam. Their current operations include a breeding facility at the Moshav of Petahia, a growth facility in Kibbutz Eliphaz, and a packaging facility. With over 12 acres of farm, Teva Adir produces cannabis oil and 11 strains of flower. They also have an agreement with Panaxia


PharmoCann serves 4500 patients a month and prdouces 3.5 tonnes of cannabis a year.. They currently produce 10 strains of medical cannabis and multiple varieties of cannabis oil.  PharmoCann was founded in 2008 and is based in the Galilee. They also have an agreement with Panaxia for suppositories, inhalers, tablets and cannabis oil. 


Based in Tel Aviv and founded in 2009 Canndoc provides cannabis to thousands of patients. Starting this year they will be conducting clinical trials. Intercure (INCR.TA) purchased CannDoc in September 2018 and is expected to export to over 10 countries. They currently have a processing agreement with the Bazelet group.


IMC is a newer player in the Israeli cannabis market. Founded in 2010 they recently led a funding round in the private market. In February of 2019, IMC received GAP certification. They currently produce 13 strains of cannabis flower. They also have a processing agreement with the Bazelet Group.

Sara Gluck